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Sydney Spine & Sports Clinic are here to help with all your chiropractic, physio (physiotherapist), osteopath & pilates needs in Double Bay.

The Double Bay Chiropractic Practice

Sydney Spine & Sports Clinic makes our patients feel comfortable and welcome in a friendly & professional environment. Our goal is to look after our patients the best way we can & the same way that we would like to be treated.

Our Double Bay location has along with Chiropractors, integrated Physiotherapist (Physio), Sports Massage, Podiatry and Pilates as well. We believe that no aspect of the diagnostic and management puzzle is overlooked and ignored.
We think differently to many chiropractors, and it is not uncommon for us to do Soft Tissue Release Techniques (similar to an Osteopath) if required.

back-pain-at-workWhilst we like to think like specialists, we believe we offer the best value for money out there. Come on in for all your issues like headaches, back pain, neck pain, sports injuries just to name a few.

Where is the closest Train Station?

We are a 5 minute walk down the hill from Edgecliff Train Station. For more information, routes and timetables please

What other forms of public transport are available?

shutterstock_167197451We are a 5 minute walk from the Double Bay Ferry Quay, and the location is serviced by many buses from the city and eastern suburbs.

Is there a car park nearby?


There are metered spaces in Double Bay on Bay Street, and most other street locations, 2P is also available on certain roads, while there are parking garages on Knox and Cross Streets.
To compare cheapest parking in the area, visit:

Opening Hours

Mon 7.30am-2pm 2pm-6pm
Tue 7.30am-2pm 2pm-6pm
Wed 7.30am-2pm 2pm-6pm
Thurs 7.30am-2pm 2pm-6pm
Fri 7.30am-2pm 2pm-6pm
Sat 7.30am-1pm Closed
Sun Closed Closed

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Correct Squat, Lunge and Deadlift Technique

  Here’s a short video blog about the best method to Squat, Lunge and Deadlift. These tend to be excellent exercises if done properly. Sadly, most people lose form, and therefore are much more likely to injure themselves.

Get those shoulders stretched

We often see patients suffering from shoulder pain and tightness. Here are some great stretches to get some flexibility through your rotator cuff, so come on, get stretching! Check them out below:        

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