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Be mobile.

I practice what I preach and keep my mind and body active by maintaining a daily routine of exercise. I love to go to the gym, do outdoor training on the beach, play touch football and walk the dog.

Growing up, sport and exercise was always an imperative part of our lives to keep fit and our minds active. From a young age I participated in many different activities, and represented my school in a variety of sports, winning three National Titles. In 2010 I was honored to receive the Australian Olympic Pierre De Coubertin Award for excellence in sporting and sportsmanship.

I incurred a back injury at 17, which held me back from school for numerous weeks.  After countless hours with various health care practitioners, I was finally referred to a Chiropractor who got me back to my regular routine in 3 sessions. I was so inspired and I knew then I wanted to be a Sports Chiropractor when I finished school”

Gabi’s experience

Over and above her Masters Degree in Chiropractic from Macquarie University, she has also completed the Level 1 Sports Trainer Course, which has allowed her to work closely with the Maccabi Rugby team both while studying and after qualifying as a Chiropractor.

Gabi’s approach to treatment will include a detailed history and examination; followed by appropriate manual adjusting, drop piece, soft tissue work and light rehabilitation exercises, as well as postural and ergonomic advice.

Every patient will be treated as a unique presentation, which means treatment with Gabi will be highly specific to each individual and their complaint.


Gabi works from the Double Bay Clinic

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