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“Be. Mobile. To live what we preach I keep fit by cycling, running and training at the gym. Besides for my beautiful wife, Nicola, what also keeps me on my toes are the other lights of my life – my very cute boys, Jeremy and Casey and my beautiful baby daughter, Mikayla.”

I am most passionate about helping people unlock their healing potential, and helping them attain their goals, whether it is walking down the street pain-free, or improving a personal best time.

Greg achieved his Masters degree in Chiropractic at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa, in 2002. Before setting up practices in London, he ran successful practices in Johannesburg, and was also the Chiropractor to the South African Water Polo team, as well as to the professional cycling team – Team TSN.

Chiropractic experience

Greg’s keen knowledge was formed through running a chiropractic and wellness program at BP in London, one of the world’s largest companies. As a result, he developed a great understanding of the pressures that develop from sitting in front of computers day-in and day-out; as well as the importance of having correct ergonomics in the workplace. He actively conducts workshops at small and large corporations, teaching the importance of sitting and standing correctly, and helping people achieve an optimum position at their workstation.

Having taught Anatomy at the University of London, teaching Clinical and Applied Anatomy to Medical, Physiotherapy and Biomedical Technology students, Greg has developed a thirst for knowledge, that continues today.

Chiropractic approach to sporting injuries

With a special interest in the Chiropractic approach to sporting injuries (and specific experience in bicycle setup, correct training methods and cycling induced muscle and joint problems) Greg has been helping athletes reach their full sporting potential for many years. He has also adjusted elite rowers, cyclists, waterpolo players, rugby players, tri-athletes and runners to help them achieve optimum health and biomechanical function.

Greg works at both the City and Double Bay clinics.

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Correct Squat, Lunge and Deadlift Technique

  Here’s a short video blog about the best method to Squat, Lunge and Deadlift. These tend to be excellent exercises if done properly. Sadly, most people lose form, and therefore are much more likely to injure themselves.

Get those shoulders stretched

We often see patients suffering from shoulder pain and tightness. Here are some great stretches to get some flexibility through your rotator cuff, so come on, get stretching! Check them out below:        

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