Prepare for School next year, this Christmas.

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It’s that time of the year when the kids are wrapping up school, and starting to prepare for the onslaught of presents about to come their way. Oblivious to the preparation and costs that we as parents put into their forthcoming return to school. Well this year lets kill two birds with one stone and get them ready for school next year as a part of their Christmas presents this year.

Whether its new shoes or uniform, there is always stress and expense around this hectic period. So how can you make sure that your child is ready to go back to school before the stress kicks in? There are a number of important checks that you as parents can make, to ensure that your child is in the best possible position for the next school year. They may sound simple, but can have a huge impact on your child’s body as they grow.

Firstly… the school bag.

Backpacks are the absolute best way to make sure that the weight they carry is evenly distributed. Over the shoulder bags that favour one side will put unnecessary stress on one shoulder and can lead to postural changes over time. Think about whether your child has ever complained about headaches, neck or back pain – could their bag be the problem?


Poor fitting shoes are the enemy of developing feet! School children can take up to 16,000 steps a day in their school shoes so they need to provide sufficient support and shock absorption. Check out the link below for some fitting advice from The Athletes Foot.

Thirdly… mode of transport.

How does your child get to school? Walking is an excellent way for your child to exercise and strengthen their core, which enables them to maintain an upright posture. It also helps improve their breathing which reduces tiredness. Spending time walking with your child also provides an opportunity to talk about things you might not otherwise get chance to, and therefore can enhance quality time together. Alternatively, check out if the school has a chaperoned walking service, where children are supervised by a few adults. If you do have to drive to school, can you park further away and walk the last 10 minutes?

As a chiropractor, I am strongly in favour of keeping the future generation active and understand the long term health benefits of encouraging exercise from a young age. Little steps now make a big impact on your child’s future!

So this year, give your children the gift of chiropractic care – they might not love it now, but they will in the long run.

Make sure your kids are ready for the year ahead. Call me for a free over the phone consultation and to see how prepared your children are for next year.

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