First Visit

What to expect from the Sydney Spine and Sports Clinic.


STEP 1: Free Phone Consultation

Spend time with one of our dedicated team who will help you determine if our services are right for you. If we’re not the right team to help then we will point you in the right direction. Your time (and money) like ours is valuable, so if it sounds like you need to talk to another specialist in a different field – we will tell you straight up.

STEP 2: Make Appointment

We will guide you through a couple of questions, provide health cover information, and if we can we will provide tips to help alleviate any pain in the meantime.

STEP 3: Initial Consultation

We get the paperwork out of the way quickly so your chiropractor can go through your main concern, past medical history and family medical history (we want to get in-depth understanding of your health).

After the history, the chiropractor will carry out a postural evaluation, together with a neurological and orthopaedic assessment.

At the end of this, they will summarise their findings and let you know if you are suitable for chiropractic care. At this stage they may also refer you for x-rays, or onwards to another healthcare professional if appropriate. If it is appropriate and you would like to, treatment may commence in this visit.

STEP 4: Report & Follow Up

At this visit, the chiropractor will discuss what was found during the history and examination and talk about your options for treatment. If you would like to proceed, you can commence treatment in this appointment, if not already started in the initial consult. Your chiropractor will also discuss what the likely length of your treatment plan will be and the anticipated time period for symptomatic relief. This will take into account any personal constraints you may have so please do not hesitate to mention any issues surrounding your ability to attend appointments.

STEP 5: Additional Visits

During subsequent visits the chiropractor will carry out the adjustments that are appropriate for you on the day, depending on what symptoms you present with. You are encouraged to ask as many questions as possible and really take ownership of your care during these visits.

STEP 6: At Home & Office

Often your chiropractor will give you advice about lifestyle factors that you can modify to aid your progress through treatment. They will also recommend certain exercises and stretching to equip you with tools to manage your pain out of office hours.

Want to make an appointment for you or someone else? Need a little more information? Think a free phone-consultation is a great way to start? Call us on 02 9231 5022.


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