We often see patients suffering from shoulder pain and tightness. Here are some great stretches to get some flexibility through your rotator cuff, so come on, get stretching! Check them out below:        

Here are some excellent exercises to improve your mid back flexibility, and help improve your posture significantly. Progression 1: Progression 2:

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Here is another great video clip on how to stretch your neck out and keep yourself mobile, and not falling into the trap of staring at your phone or monitor for extended periods of time. These exercises can help to make you more aware of your posture, and have a positive effect on flexibility, helping to improve your posture and decrease the likelihood of neck pain and tension. As always, please give us a shout […]

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Wall Angel postural exercise

This is a brilliant (and very difficult) postural exercise. It targets and engages all of our core muscles and shoulder stabilisers, and is an excellent aid in improving our middle back extension and shoulder¬† mobility. Done in conjunction with “floor angels” and foam roller extension, this is one of the best exercises to counteract poor posture through device (laptop, computer and phone) use. Just start slow, and do a little every day to slowly improve […]

Correct Squat, Lunge and Deadlift Technique

  Here’s a short video blog about the best method to Squat, Lunge and Deadlift. These tend to be excellent exercises if done properly. Sadly, most people lose form, and therefore are much more likely to injure themselves.

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