5 reasons why good posture demands attention

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Do you suffer from regular headaches, back pain or struggle to motivate yourself? These symptoms don’t need to be everyday discomforts that you need to live with. In fact, these common complaints can be clues to an underlying issue that might have quietly taken over your body when you weren’t looking — poor posture.

Bad posture can affect anyone. It develops over time thanks to bad everyday little habits. For example, you might lean to one side, instead of standing straight, as you wait for the train. Or, you might look down to scroll through your inbox on your phone whilst you sit on the bus instead of looking out the window. Whatever it is, when your body is hunched, slouched or rounded in ways it wasn’t designed to be for extended periods of time your spine cannot function optimally and can leave you feeling a bit blah.

What is good posture?

Ideal posture is when your body is in the correct alignment. When it’s good, posture can positively affect your attitude, feelings and self-perception. It can make you look taller, broader and stronger and make you feel confident and more capable. When it’s bad? Well, all the opposite occurs.


5 reasons to improve your posture

Whether you’re suffering regular pain or not, there’s a bunch of benefits to improving how you hold your body:


  1. Reduce back pain

If you’re suffering back pain during specific activities or at certain times of the day, poor posture might be the culprit. To diagnose the precise cause of the pain and how to improve your posture to help avoid it, make a time with one of our chiropractors.


  1. Relieve headaches

Rounded shoulders, a hunched back and a forward neck can all build tension in your body to create regular headaches. In conjunction with regular spinal adjustments, your chiropractor can advise you how to complete some simple everyday exercises to help improve your posture.


  1. Improve digestion

Office workers, listen up! With the majority of your time spent sitting, possibly even slouching, your digestive system is unlikely to be operating at its best. It’s compressed throughout the day and therefore compromising the efficiency of your body’s system. Here’s how to get your office posture right to limit this.


  1. Sleep better

Whether you’re a side or back sleeper, poor sleeping position can have a huge impact on your spine. A few simple adjustments to how you sleep can help you get better quality shuteye and reduce any neck or back pain you might be feeling too.


  1. Improve your mood

Stand up, sit up and engage your core as much as possible. Good posture is a subtle but easy way to make yourself feel strong and capable – therefore positively affecting your mood and your self-perception. Give it a go!

Lastly, regular exercise is essential for your body. Not only will it keep you strong and flexible, it can also help reinforce good posture habits and keep your spine healthy. For inspiration on how to keep yourself active, check out these articles on our blog or have a chat to one of our team at your next appointment.

Learn more

At Sydney Spine and Sports Clinic, we put you first. We believe in offering chiropractic care that enables you to make informed and educated choices about your health. If you are suffering pain or injury and would like to talk to us about how we can help you get mobile and active again – get in touch right here.

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