Meet the team: A quick Q & A with Dr. Luke Ross, our chiropractor in Drummoyne

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Dr. Luke Ross is one of the chiropractors in our Drummoyne clinic. Currently completing his Master of Research before commencing his PhD next year, Luke keeps active by training for extreme obstacle course events like Tough Mudder.


What inspired you to become a chiropractor?

As a young teenager, I was given an anatomy book. I was fascinated. Around the same time, House M.D started airing on television and I became a big fan. I knew deep down that conventional medical practice wasn’t for me. But I was keen to apply my anatomical knowledge and contribute to my community. After some initial research, I was instantly drawn to chiropractic care. As soon as I started my degree, I was hooked.


What are your qualifications? Do you have an area of specialty?


I have a Master’s Degree in Chiropractic from Macquarie University and am currently completing my Master of Research. In 2022, I plan to commence my PhD. My study focus is adjustment force-time profiles. That is, measuring the speed, acceleration and force output of a high velocity low amplitude thrust (adjustment). I believe that headache discomfort is something we can all live without – so it’s very rewarding to help people who suffer from headaches and neck pain find relief.

How do you keep mobile?


I really enjoy keeping strong and fit whilst pushing my physical capabilities. I’m at the gym four to five times a week for resistance training and cardio. I also like to participate in obstacle course challenges like Spartan Race, True Grit, and Tough Mudder. It’s fun!


Name one thing you’d recommend the average person does to look after their spine:


We all function better when we are given good resources. So, listen to your body. Make sure you drink plenty of water and eat well.


What’s your favourite poor pun of ‘Dad joke’?


I was telling a friend you can buy shorts for monkeys.

They didn’t believe me.

So I googled a picture and said, “Chimp pants see?”

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