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Dr Lauren Marshall


M-Chiro (SA)

Double Bay Clinic

Lauren achieved her Masters in Chiropractic at the University of Johannesburg (South Africa) in 2013. After working at a few clinics in Johannesburg, Lauren started her own very successful clinic in Johannesburg, which she sold prior to emigrating to Australia in early 2021.

During this time, Lauren treated a vast range of patients, from the young to the old, with many participating in high level sports. Lauren offers individualised and comprehensive treatment, as she understands that no single approach works for everyone. She strongly believes that movement and exercise are very important for both your body and your mind.

She is passionate about helping every patient improve their function and movement through Chiropractic care.

Lauren’s approach to treatment is to take a thorough history, and then examine and treat according to each patients unique circumstances and needs.

Her treatment approach includes manual therapy and adjusting, soft tissue release, dry needling and drop piece work. She will always promote healthy movement by prescribing postural, stretch and exercise advice.

Growing up, Lauren loved many different sports and she competed at a national level in gymnastics.

She continues to carry this level of discipline in her professional and personal life. She loves to keep active and healthy by training at the gym, walking, jogging and doing yoga.


Lauren is available at our Double Bay Clinic.

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