First Visit

If you’re considering your first chiropractic visit to Sydney Spine & Sports Clinic, here’s a quick overview of what you can expect.


STEP 1: Book An Appointment

Contact us by phone or email to arrange your first appointment. If you would like to discuss your needs in advance, simply request for one of our chiropractors to call you for a complimentary discussion.


During this discussion, we can confirm for you if our services will help you on the road to recovery. If not, we will refer you to another health specialist that can. Getting well is the priority and we always put your needs in achieving this first.


STEP 2: Your First Appointment

After some initial ‘New Patient’ paperwork, your chiropractor will meet you to discuss your main concern, past medical history and family medical history.


Following this, your chiropractor will carry out a postural evaluation, together with a neurological and orthopaedic assessment. They will summarise their findings and let you know if you are suitable for chiropractic care. At this stage, your chiropractor might also refer you for x-rays or to another healthcare professional if appropriate. If it is appropriate and you would like to, treatment may commence in this visit.


STEP 3: Your Report & Follow Up Appointment

At this visit, your chiropractor will discuss the results from your first appointment. Your chiropractor will also discuss the likely length of your treatment plan, and the anticipated timeframe to achieve symptomatic relief. We will also present strategies to achieve longer lasting results. Our pain management plans are tailored to your needs so do not hesitate to offer how frequently you’re available to attend appointments.


STEP 4: Additional Appointments

During subsequent visits, your chiropractor will carry out spinal adjustments, rehabilitation exercises and muscular releases that are appropriate for you on the day, depending on what symptoms you present with. You are encouraged to ask as many questions as possible and take ownership of your care during these visits.


STEP 5: At Home & In The Office

Often your chiropractor will give you advice about lifestyle factors that you can modify to aid your progress through treatment. If you are interested, we can recommend exercises and stretching tasks to help you manage your pain in between appointments.


Get moving

If you’re keen to leave your pain behind and move towards a more active, mobile, independent, fit, and healthy life; contact us today to book in for a consultation.


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