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If you want to know if chiropractic can help you just call us

A regular chiropractic adjustment should be an essential part of your health routine. By picking up spinal dysfunction early on, unnecessary degeneration and pain can be avoided. In addition, by removing interference to the nervous system, you allow the body to heal itself, giving you optimum functionality, increased vitality, better sleep and a of course healthier spine.

Who is in control?

Your nervous system is what controls everything in the body….muscle and nerve function, breathing, sleeping, hormones… literally everything. When there is interference to the nervous system, it cannot work efficiently. This can manifest as a variety of signs and symptoms, with pain often being the last symptom that the body gives us to tell us there is a problem.

So, just because you aren’t in any pain, doesn’t mean that there isn’t a problem with your nervous system. Over 50% of adults have some degree of a disc bulge, but can be walking around relatively pain free. It is not until they undergo an MRI that the degree of the bulge is identified – almost always with a concomitant dysfunction of the spine.

In modern society, it makes sense to take a proactive approach to healthcare. Dentists are consulted to check the health of your teeth, women undergo pap smears and mammograms to identify potential problems, and GP’s regularly check blood pressure to pick up risk factors for heart attacks or strokes. Yet only a small percentage of the population check on their spinal health.

A chiropractor is highly qualified to detect any interference to the nervous system, and apply corrective adjustments to remove this interference. More common complaints include:

– Sciatica (pinched nerve)
– Disc herniation (“slipped disc”)
– Headaches
– Back and joint pain
– Carpal tunnel syndrome
– Osteoarthritis
– Injuries to various extremity joints

Cover Up or Cure?

Popping a painkiller seems to be the norm nowadays but does it actually solve the underlying problem? The simple answer is no. Taking medication simply dulls down the pain signal. The underlying problem that caused the pain in the first place remains in existence, and therefore is likely to persist again and again. Most medications also have side effects including organ damage and addiction. We are interested in getting to the root of the problem (the nervous system interference), restoring the spine to its normal functioning position, in a natural and sustainable way.

If you want to know if chiropractic can help you just call us for a free, no obligation, over the phone consultation on 02 9231 5022.

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