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Healthy Ageing | Chiropractic care can help prevent the problems associated with age

Why should the older population adopt chiropractic care?

You can’t help growing older but you don’t have to grow old. You can stay flexible, energetic, upbeat and enjoy life to its fullest way into your triple digits. Centenarians (the fancy word for people who are over 100) generally often live healthy lives – and rarely take medicine.

Time, gravity, stress and injuries cause restrictions in your spine. Longstanding restrictions cause degeneration and osteoarthritis around joints. Restrictions also cause poor posture, lack of energy, inability to move your arms, legs, head, hips and joints as much as you used to (lack of full range of motion), tightness, disc problems and of course, pain.

Can Chiropractic Help?

Without a doubt! Chiropractic care can help prevent the problems mentioned above, leading to a decrease in spinal degeneration which permits the possibility of a healthier, more active life as you grow older.

A study evaluated the health of 414 individuals (average age 80) and compared those under chiropractic care with those not under chiropractic care.

  • 87% of the chiropractic group rated their health as good or excellent; 68% of the non-chiropractic group did.
  • 13% of the chiropractic group rated their health as fair or poor; 32% of the non-chiropractic group did.
  • 44% of the chiropractic group reported having arthritis; 66% of the non-chiropractic group did.
  • Those in chiropractic care were more likely to do strenuous levels of exercise.
  • At a 3-year follow-up: less than 5% of those who used chiropractic were in a nursing home while 48% of those not using chiropractic care were in a nursing home; 26% of the chiropractic group were hospitalized, compared to 48% in the non-chiropractic group. (1)

If you know of an older family member that would benefit from becoming more active, or recognise these barriers in yourself, then book in for an appointment with one of our chiropractors to see how we can help you or a loved one live life to the fullest!

Want to compliment the tips above with chiropractic care? Come in see us for a readjustment or give us a call for a free phone consultation

Coulter ID et al. Chiropractic patients in a comprehensive home-based geriatric assessment, follow-up and home promotion program. Topics in Clinical Chiropractic. 1996;3(2):46-55.

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