Help ease headaches: How to find relief without reaching for pain medication

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Whether you wake up with it, it creeps up on you in the afternoon, or it hits you at the end of your work day, headaches are a pain. They’re unpleasant, unwelcome and unnecessary –the last thing needed when leading a full and busy life.

Tension headaches – a dull yet persistent pain felt on both sides of the head or neck – are the most common type and one of the most common complaints experienced by everyday Australians. Stress, tension, sinus problems, lack of sleep and dehydration are some of the most common causes. If you’re experiencing regular headaches, it’s recommended you speak to one of our chiropractors so that the source of your discomfort can be thoroughly investigated, treated and managed as part of your everyday wellness.

In need of an immediate fix? Before you next reach for a pill to ease the discomfort of your headache, here’s five natural remedies you can try:

  1. Stretch

Headaches are often caused by muscle tension in your neck, shoulders and upper back. Create more space in your spine by doing some simple neck stretches, like:

  • Neck range of motion
  • Shoulder shrugs
  • Neck isometrics
  • Need a how-to video? Check out Dr Greg Sher demonstrating some great stretches for your neck right here.
  1. Warm up your neck

Help relax the tight muscles in your neck by applying heat to the affected area. Warm up a heat-pack, get it on your neck, and try to relax. If you don’t find any relief, reverse this tip and try an ice pack.

  1. Drink water and eat regularly

When your head is pounding, the last thing you feel like doing is eating and drinking. However, it’s important that you keep hydrated and eat little and often to keep your blood sugar levels up. Don’t skip meals, avoid caffeine and don’t drink alcohol.

  1. Close your eyes and relax

If you can, step away from your screen and find a dark room to lie down for a little bit. Breathe deeply, relax your body and switch off. This tactic can help migraines too as these are often exacerbated by bright lights.

  1. Minimise stress

Headaches can be triggered when you are under pressure. If you can, step away from stressful situations: avoid noisy environments, leave work a bit early, or ask your partner to take the lead with the evening chores until your headache subsides.

If these natural remedies don’t ease your headache, please get in touch so your chiropractor can review your personal symptoms and help devise a pain management plan. Life’s too short for headaches! 

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At Sydney Spine and Sports Clinic, we put you first. We believe in offering chiropractic care that enables you to make informed and educated choices about your health. If you are suffering pain or injury and would like to talk to us about how we can help you get mobile and active again – get in touch right here.

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