Neck pain relief: Strategies to ease tech neck

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neck pain relief - tech neck solutions

Clues to counter your screen scroll.


Digital devices have been incredibly powerful in keeping our communities connected and (increasingly) operational this year. Whether you’re texting a friend to say hello, assisting your kids with an iPad school activity, or attending virtual meetings from your home office – screens can dominate your life. There’s just no escaping it these days.


The thing is, increased time on electronic devices like laptops and tablets puts a huge strain on your neck. Commonly referred to as ‘tech neck’ – this everyday slouch or hunch contributes to neck pain. Simply speaking, your body was not designed to act like this. In fact, the younger you are when you start using a device with poor posture, the harder it can be to manage and retrain your body. Here’s how you can counter your screen scroll and improve your upper body posture.


Neck pain symptoms

Neck pain is one of the most common problems we treat. Headaches, tightness (including spasms), and pain across the chest, mid-back and arm are all classic symptoms of neck pain.


Neck pain causes

Muscle tension and injury are the two leading causes of neck ache. The most common contributing culprits to this condition are:

  • Poor posture

Poor posture develops over time from little everyday habits. Not only can addressing posture issues help reduce daily discomfort, you can also feel more positive, capable and confident.

  • Desk posture, or frequent phone use

If you work at a desk, it’s really beneficial to ensure you follow these tips to set up your station ergonomically. Working from home? Dr. Greg Sher recorded this video to demonstrate laptop set-up too.

  • Sleeping position or pillow

Sleeping in a poor position can also add strain to your neck. Learn how to align your spine in your sleep – achieving a neutral spine with the help of a good pillow, mattress and position can make a difference.

  • Jerking neck during exercise

Practicing correct technique during your workout assists in reducing your risk of jerking your neck during exercise. If you’re unsure, please ask your trainer, coach or your chiropractor.


Neck Pain Relief – Try These Tech Neck Stretches

Find everyday pain relief for tech neck. Watch Dr. Greg Sher demonstrate stretches that can help:


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