Winter Wellness: Six indoor activities to try

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As the temperature tumbles, don’t be tempted to hibernate. Keeping active in winter isn’t just important for your waistline, it also helps keep your body strong and your immune system in tip-top shape. So, if a chilly weather forecast is keeping you from enjoying your regular outdoor exercise, consider an activity indoors. We’ve put together a list of six you can try. After all, variety is the spice of life!


  1. Indoor Team Sports


Fancy trying a team sport to keep fit? Whether you choose soccer, netball, volleyball, basketball or cricket – team sport is a great way to exercise regularly without concern for the weather. Signing on for a season also helps keep you committed to your fitness. You might even make a couple of new mates whilst you’re at it!


  1. Squash


Touted as one of the healthiest sports in the world – squash (racquetball) is a great way to keep fit. When you play this sport, you can improve your flexibility, agility and hand/eye coordination. Take care when you hit the court – muscle sprains and fall or impact injuries are the most common ailments from this sport.


  1. Indoor Rock Climbing


Bring the outside in when you visit your local rock climbing gym! Climbing is a total body workout that also benefits hand/eye coordination, balance and self-confidence. It compliments sports like football, squash and cycling too. Not only that, your brain will be challenged as you plan and problem-solve your way up the wall.


  1. Martial Arts


Made famous around the world by Bruce Lee, martial arts may not be the first indoor activity you’d think of to keep fit. However, these East Asian disciplines combine agility, mobility, coordination and balance with a physical workout. Not only that, participating can increase your self-confidence too.


  1. Yoga or Pilates


Although these two activities differ in their history, they are both excellent examples of how regular stretching and toning is beneficial for your muscles. Yoga and Pilates can also help improve your posture, body awareness and stress management. After all, stretching is an important part of relaxing tight muscles to support your overall spinal health. That being said, it’s still possible to injure yourself during a session so ensure you practice good technique.


  1. Indoor Cycling


Lastly, if you really wanna get your blood pumping, consider indoor cycling. Taking your bike from the outside in refines your workout too. There’s no free-wheeling, coasting, or physical obstacles during an interval. You just go. You can also take your training virtual and connect to other riders and trails with an app like Zwift or The Sufferfest. Simply grab your bike, attach it to a trainer, and you’re away.


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