Ergonomics for road trippers

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Three top tips for good posture in the car on your next long drive


Ah, the great Australian road trip! Whether you’re off on a camping adventure, a long country drive or visiting distant family, preparing for a big car journey is dreamy and exciting.


However, a journey on the long open road is more than just packing a suitcase.  In reality, sitting behind the wheel (or in the passenger seat) in a fixed position for hours can contribute to everyday wear and tear on your body. Why? Because your body is of mobile design and it isn’t natural for it to be stuck in just one position for hours. Just like sitting at an office desk.


So, road trippers, to reduce the risk of lower back pain, shoulder stiffness, or leg cramps on your next long drive — read our top three tips for road trippers right here.


  1. Adjust your car seat and posture

Before your reverse out of your driveway, adjust your car seat and posture. Start by sitting up tall and straight in your seat with your shoulder blades against the seat back. Modify the lumbar (lower back) support in your seat to fit snuggly against your spine. If you can, lower the front of your seat so your kneecaps are below the level of your seatbelt; yet still slightly bent to reach the pedals. Next, check your head rest is raised to meet the back of your head. Lastly, test that your body is about one ruler (or, to be exact, 25cm) away from your steering wheel.  With your car seat set, adjust your mirrors – this is a great way to keep your posture as you drive. After all, if you notice that your rear view has become obstructed, it means you’ve started slouching!


  1. Check your feet position


Whilst in the driver’s seat, make sure than you can comfortably reach the pedals without stretching too far. It’s important that your back doesn’t come away from the seat as your foot reaches for a pedal.



  1. Be attentive to your health


Road trippers, it’s essential you take care of your mind as well as your body on a long drive. Offset stress and maintain good concentration by keeping your spirits up on the road. To do this, take regular breaks, stretch when you rest, and eat and hydrate regularly throughout the trip.

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